Within our dossier, Canadian World Domination staff have painstakingly collected our organization's articles; presenting them to you with the hopes that you will be swayed by the rationality of our upcoming tyranny. As you read the literature of Canadian World Domination, we recommend the consumption of maple syrup products, or other wholesome fare. There is a lot of material to read, and we would feel terrible if we knew any of you darlings faced starvation -- unable to tear yourself away from the power and the glory that is: CWD. Be forewarned, sweeties!

Frequently Asked Questions answered cheerfully by your Generals!

Mission Statement
Read our organization's mission statement of tyranny and love.

Billy Bishop's Creepy Canadiana
Dead WWI flying ace aids CWD in furthering the cause of CanLit.

A Clever Plan
Useful arts n' crafts exercise for the followers at home.

The Gun Thing
So what's the deal with guns?



Signs You Might Be Too Canadian
The original "Too Canadian" list. You read it here first

Sexy, Undercover Agents Outwit American Authority with Good Old Canadian KnowHow!
Spy stories from behind enemy lines.

Top Ten Lists
America for soil experiments?

Delicious Recipes
Cook in the most Canadian manner possible.

Olympics 2000
Loved cheering on our Canadian athletes? Check out our Sydney 2000 special feature.

Tous ensemble!


Comrade Mordecai

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