Faced with mounting pressure from our loyal subjects, the CWD bureaucracy has focused its terrible powers on accumulating some knowledge that might be useful to our Canuck followers. The following links are related only in the fevered minds of The Generals, who would like to remind their readers that visitation of these sites is NOT mandatory, and in some cases, might actually be unhealthy. Don't blame us --- we are only pleasant purveyors of our Propaganda Machine product and are never legally liable for anything.

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Moosehead Breweries
There was great fighting at headquarters to determine which lucky Canadian brewery would be profiled in our links page. Hopelessly deadlocked, we called the PR departments of our favourites and asked them to fight to the death for the honour in a sand pit outside of Guelph. The Sleeman's people reigned over the Molson people by clever tag-teaming, but were eventually defeated by the crafty Moosehead coalition with their nail-in-a-plank-of-wood tactic.

Atlantic Canadians in Economic Exile
A.C.E.E. is an online meeting place for members from the Atlantic provinces who are currently living away from home. Chat with other exiles, read dirty jokes, get nostalgic over photos of the East coast and count the days until you're back in Peggy's Cove.

The Impact of Labatt 50 on the Canadian Male
Anthropological examination of the behaviours associated with "le cinquant".

The Tragically Hip
What self-respecting Canadian page doesn't have a link to these guys? (Well, Revenue and Taxation Canada's "Human Sexuality Tax Site" doesn't, but they should) Pay homage to the boys from Kingston. And for all those who are "more-indie-than-thou" here's links to The Inbreds and Chixdiggit.

The Littlest Hobo Appreciation Page
This is probably one of the most useful web sites on the Internet. Maybe tomorrow, I'm gonna settle down...until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on...(sob).

How to Dance to Classic Canadian Music
Invaluable guide to the proper kinetics for classic Canuck rock. They instruct: "You won't see the legs in any of these dance moves, because in Canadian Rock'n'Roll dancing, all you need do is try to keep your feet on the ground and keep beat with your heel or toes."


Socialist International
Do you think we should take care of others? Do you worry that private property should rightly be in the hands of the state, especially one run by Generals Claire and Jenny? Do you realize that capitalism and democracy just don't work? We agree with you. Join the collective...

Squirrel World Domination
Is Kitchener, Ontario the birthplace of the "Skwerl" menace? Schneiders' meats and some of Kitchener-Waterloo's top brass may be hiding secrets about ecological experiments gone horribly wrong ...

The Happening Happy Hippy Party
A political party brought to you by the British, who we must credit with giving us such gems as the parliamentary system, Beef Wellington, and "Withnail and I". Cool Britannia! Also an alternative to staid old party politics, this time in Canada, is the No Name Party. They are: "Democractic. In some ways." And of course, additionally, there's the National Anti-Anarchist Party, an organization aiming to "restore peace to this world through the use of diplomacy rather than violence." Okay...Hugs and kisses and best wishes to all of you would-be tyrants!

The United Nations
We all wish for world peace. Under Canadian World Domination, the new peaceful atmosphere will require the maintenance of the UN for the purposes of pissing off militia nuts in the USA. Plus, they have some really cool buildings. Rock on, UN.

The Case For Censorship
Think most people are too stupid to handle a free flow of information and/or ideas? Do you worry that too many opinions means not enough of the correct-thinking so thoroughly endorsed by Generals Claire and Jenny? Indulge your paternalism and read why you should agree to end free speech.

Canadian Alliance Party.net
A spoof site designed to expose the nonsense that is Canada's (non-Dion) national embarrassment: The Reform/Alliance.


A place where they "take the Canadian threat seriously."

Canadian World Domination
Some guys who ripped off our web site. Hey, what's up with that?

No! Canada
"Canadians like to portray themselves as a cozy, hygienic society with no problems: a utopia. We reveal their dark underbelly."

War With Canada
"This site is a response, a defensive reaction to the annual winter invasion of my beloved state, Florida, by unwanted, rude, surly, and truly dangerous foreigners."

Canadian Heritage Alliance
This "heritage" ie: "white pride" site linked us beside stormfront.org's White Power For Kids and Kitchener-Waterloo's Heritage Front. Yes kids, there are some Canadians out there who are completely retarded. It's kinda embarrassing, but then that's the Internet for ya! To return the favour we've decided to link CHA beside the Nizkor Project and HateWatch.


"Radical Recipies" for vegan anarchists include 'Josh's Upside Your Face Pudding Sex Cake'. Although the Generals are highly carnivorous, isn't it interesting to learn about different lifestyles in order to best gauge how they can benefit the New World Order?

Jesus Was Gother Than You
And he was too.

B.S. Pyle
A Texas Columnist with an excellent grasp of American failures. He will be commissioned by Canadian World Domination staff to function as propagandist come the start of our invasion. Some B.S. Pyle words of wisdom: "The nuclear arms race is no fun anymore, and I'm at a loss as to what to do about it. Perhaps it's time we moved on to something else...My only comfort is that the USA continues to hold the distinction of being the only nation to actually use a couple of these bombs on another country during a war."

Charter Drive-In Movie Reviews
Trashy science-fiction films are given the attention they deserve in these sharply written reviews by amateur critic, and professional cynic, "Charter."

The Bastard Son Of The Lord Home Page
Don't miss "The Messiah's Log" and "Ask Jesus". Christ also explains bible passages, interpreting Eph 4:13.22 as, "Meaning, you ain't whole till you measure up to this shit, baby."

Journals & Zines

Culture jamming and online activism, do you need another reason to visit?

Canadian Creative
A "full blown, honest to goodness, packed to the gills showcase" of Canadian talent in music, multimedia and literature.

Our front line soldiers have been instructed in the art of the "evil squint" as demonstrated by Disgruntled Girl.

40% political rally, 60% slumber party. Audra could have named the zine Beaver, but wisely declined!

Sex & Smut

The Patricia Marsh House of Domination and Fantasy
We've noticed visitors to our site are often using search queries that should rightly lead them to this one. In the spirit of clearing things up, here's the site you were probably looking for when you found ours!

Canadian Escorts.com
If you have to buy that hot Canuck lovin', you could do worse than these ladies.

Northbound Leather
Toys to play tyrant with.

Canadian World Domination
The smother-face-sitting domain name should give you a good idea of what's going on here.


Comrade Kid

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