"What's that, Proletariat?"
Quotes from our Forum

"After CWD is complete we will chain non-complying Americans to wagons and use them as an economical and only slightly polluting form of transportation.

As for Idahoan potatoes - they will be mine, all mine."

-- Romper has plans


"...We don't necessarily need violence. As long as the world accepts the Generals' rule. Anyone that doesn't accept the Canadian way will have the Canadian way beaten into them. Or they will work the potato mines in Idaho."

-- Atlantic Guy muses on items of CWD policy.


Canadian at the ready!

All-weather Canadian soldier at the ready.




Welcome to the General Headquarters of the Campaign for Canadian World Domination! Your future tyrants are General Claire and General Jenny. The Generals are Canadian chicks who are taking over the world and re-designing it to suit their aims.

We will accomplish this goal by:

• The systematic destruction and sublimation of all opposing our inevitable Canadian reign – and the polite, yet horrifically brutal, control of our future territories of conquest.

• Infiltrating the USA and through a cleverly designed plan, destroying it, and using its resources for our own purposes.

• Demonstrating to the world that Canada is the final and ultimate power.

• Decontaminating the world of Non-Canadian influence.

• Reorganizing a New World Society of Canucks to suit our loving, kindly, peaceful and diabolical aims.

shocktroops on snowshoes
Shocktroops on showshoes practice military drills with elementary school students: How fast your child can drop to the snow may determine the likelihood of his or her survival in the coming years.

Scots agree, Canada rules!

Scottish male leg branded with the blood of his own kind by Canadian overseas operative Comrade Christine.

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July 1st - CANADA DAY!
Celebrated throughout our empire and occupied territories, today is a day for comrades to relax and take a break from the kindly brutality that is world domination. Don't forget to Pledge!

Understanding the CWD Pledge of Allegiance!
Confused about that extra phrase in the Pledge? Are we "under Generals Claire and Jenny" or not? Read the debate!

Letters from the Disgruntled!
Updated hate mail collection. Know thy enemy and read up, comrades!

Neo-Nazis Steal From CWD ...
Just when you thought the white man had everything, you learn he doesn't have a talent for web development ... Arrr matey, we've been pirated! (more) ...

Check it, homies!
How do you recognize a comrade? Learn the secret sign that's sweeping the nation. No, really!

Smooches from your Generals Claire and Jenny!
Read our CWD Valentine's Spectacular and discover how to express your passions in the most Canadian manner possible.

The Official CWD Christmas and New Year's Message
Your tyrants give their year end holiday address to Canadians all over the world. "Compliant non-Canadians should never fear the upcoming invasion," say the Generals. Read on, hosers!

Come All Ye Faithful, Joyful and Subservient!
Returning: Official CWD Merchandise. Who can resist a stylish uniform? The answer: No one.

It Was Your Last Chance to Vote Pre-CWD Rule!
Enjoy the political process without fear: Read our CWD Federal Election Special. Get the official skinny on the candidates and find out if they'll be of use to our organization after Zero Hour.

Appeal to our citizenry!
Are you thrilled at the thought of the sun never setting on the Canadian empire? Send us some shit to prove it! We want photos, illustrations, stories, poetry, songs, and stuff you scrounged on the battlefield.

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Warning: This web site is satire!

" Peace, Order and Good Government "
-Constitution Act, 1867, s.91

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