Our Mission Statement
The mandate of Canadian World Domination is nothing less than the creation of a world peace through the use of diplomatic force. Thrusting peace upon the world will, in turn, result in a society free of poverty and hardship, although soaked in fear and terror. (The fear and terror being necessary discomforts.)

Our Objective
The full and complete domination of the world and subsequent planets soon to be explored and conquered under the Canadian World Domination space program.

Our Reasoning
Canada, as sole country in possession of the necessary level of civilization required for world leadership, is the future cradle of humanity. As tyrants, Generals Claire and Jenny are only providing a service to mankind as they dominate the globe using methods of co-operation, negotiation, diplomacy, and tact. We, of course, will also be employing chemical weapons, as a sort of 'extra incentive' for the persuasion of those nations who would, incredibly, not be swayed by the absolute logic and rationality of Canadian World Domination.


Comrade David

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