Our expert cartographers have carefully created fine maps for our comrades to enjoy. Canada's future territory is marked in red -- the colour of blood, the colour of victory!

We also include our detailed plans for division and zoning of the former United States of America. Should you be unfortunate enough to be one of our Southern neighbours, we recommend checking to see where your home fits into our scheme. It's always wise to be informed! Collaborators in occupied zones will be well-rewarded.

We mean YOU!


Current Territory
View our current territory as it exists in its pre-domination state.

Future Territory
View our initial conquest of our continent before we take on the rest of the planet.

Eventual Conquest
This map illustrates the state of the world once Canadian World Domination is in full effect.

U.S.A. Rezoned for Canadian Rule
Taking advantage of the close proximity of once-American land, we will utilize the "Home of the Brave" to our best advantage.


Comrade Rex

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