(The following recipe for domination was politely provided by one of our battle-weary veterans. Thanks to this agent's pluck and determination, many a nest of yokels has been discovered and razed to the ground. Thankfully, they will not be breeding. If this world had more blindly cooperative creative geniuses like the operative below -- it would be Canada already.)

Bob and Doug Bob and Doug approve this clever plan.

A Tactic For The Betterment Of Humankind:

Your quest for world domination is certainly a just one, and long overdue (not that I am complaining. Nay, I tremble before the power of the mighty canuck). I hope that this brilliant ploy may be used to dispose of some of the more difficult ones (those hicks are hard to catch).


1. Dig a big hole.

2. Get a big remote-operated truck.

3. Put a big sign on the truck that says FREE BEER AND CHICKEN, FOLLOW ME

4. Drive around the south for awhile (especially tractor-pulls and the like).

5. Drive truck into big hole, along with witless yokels.

6. Laugh like a maniac (optional).

This tactic has been proven to work by a band called freebeerandchicken (or FB&C). After expecting free beer and chicken, many a foolish person was forced to listen to the band, and some actually paid to hear them.

--A friend

Thanks to loyalists like our friend above, all Canadians now have yet another weapon in our arsenal of destruction! The RCMP would like to remind all citizens who are thinking of attempting the clever plan above to sign up at their local Combat Station for their Free shovel (for use of digging hole) and Free big truck for use of yokel attraction). As usual, all battle-oriented activity is subsidized by our fair government, so get out there and get hunting!


Comrade Karen

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