We would never send you to war without a fantastic uniform! Finally loyal comrades, you have the opportunity to stun the enemy with your devastating fashion sense ...

Canadian World Domination presents: Battle vestments of the highest quality.

Popularly called "t-shirts" by the uneducated masses, these battle vestments are 100% snuggly - Better than a hug from Mum. Don't you want to keep a piece of CWD close to your chest?

Of course you do!

CWD Battle Vestments:


It's your last, best chance to use that American currency before it becomes obsolete!

Revel in the knowledge that la revolución will be aided by US funds.


Just enter the quantity of each item you wish to buy and click "Check Out" at the bottom of the page. Our battle vestments are 100% cotton Hanes t-shirts forged in American sweatshops by downtrodden members of the sub-classes. These American unfortunates eagerly await the time of our Canadian Empire, hoping to be freed from the shackles of corporate oppression. Keep their struggles in your thoughts as you purchase our fine products.

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The "Eager Beaver" T-Shirt

100% cotton, white Hanes® Beefy-T
The Eager Beaver ensemble
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$15.00 *each

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CWD Charity:

$0.50 ("fiddy cents") from each order goes to support our favourite charity:
Medecins San Frontiers/Doctors Without Borders Canada
"The world's largest independent international medical relief organization, with five operational centres in Europe and fourteen national sections worldwide."
We know good Canadians from coast to coast are concerned about the global community. It's one of the reasons why it is so necessary for CWD to bring about Canadian rule! Until then, support MSF's campaign for Access to Essential Medicines.

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Comrade Kitty Models CWD Battle Vestments:

Kitty invites you to check out her fashion sense

Check out Kitty's fabulous fashion sense. Kitty has taken time from her busy and dominating schedule to model our clothing line.

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Comrade Louis

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