We know the value of a good chat - Intense lecturing is our military's primary and most cherished method of persuasion. Our staff feels extremely gratified when spreading our message of loving Socialism and gentle regulation to our loyal citizens. Hoping to recreate that feeling for our followers, Canadian World Domination is thrilled to offer our friends and enemies a forum for lively debate of CWD and other topics. Interactivity is apparently 'where it's at' - Our technology divisions are constantly reminding us of this fact. The CWD R&D Core was right about the popularity of cordless phones; we can only trust them on this issue as well. Please feel free to join the fray at CWD: Online. When clicking the link below our forum will open in a separate browser window.

The CWD forum and Test Area is accessible to everyone. The member's area "Eager Beavers" requires registration. Follow the easy instructions on the site if you should like to register for the member's section. CWD: Online is for the most part uncensored (details on site), it is not guaranteed free of controversial or adult material. If you are a parent hoping to shield your child from the world, please visit here instead. Conversely, if you are looking for hardcore porn CWD is not your site either, please try here instead.

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