Our staff love to interact with citizens - Governed and soon-to-be-governed alike! We've collected our documents regarding the outside world in our Communiqués section. CWD invites guests to browse our popular "hate mail" section to get a feel of what Canadian invaders are up against on the battlefield. Know thy enemy -- It's more than a cute cliché! Patriots will also be gratified to see that everyone's favourite instrument of tyranny has been awarded many accolades. And rightly so! No other regime of oppression and politeness has touched so many hearts as has CWD.

Letters from the Disgruntled
Witness our famous collection of "hate mail" from visitors to the site. Why anyone wouldn't want to embrace Canadian rule is beyond imagination!

Advice From Your Generals
Generals Claire and Jenny answer your petty concerns with precise and pithy comments.

Invasion of the Airwaves
Our online radio adventures documented for the world to enjoy.

Accolades for the Generals
Some organizations have seen fit to tell us how wonderful we are. We knew that already, but isn't it nice to be told?

Canada Day 2000

Comrades Kitty and Lance took our message of global conquest to Ottawa and found much support for our pretty nifty aims.


Ouvrez les yeux


Comrade Don

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