Group Socializing Hand Gestures:
For Anthropological Recognition of Familiar Group Members

In order to promote cohesion in the ranks, we advocate bonding through shared experiences. Just as everyone is familiar with the "Westside" and "Eastside" symbols employed by L.A. and New York citizens, so too will the world come to recognize the "Northside" gesture.

Gesture #1: For comrades


Create: Fold your third and forth fingers against your palm. Tuck in your opposable thumb. Extend your index finger and pinky! You've done it! Look fierce and shout "Northsiiiide!"

Note: Use this only with fellow Canadians! Many will notice the symbol is based not only on the "N" for North, but also the hand configuration we require of our soldiers while doing push-ups. No namby-pambies in our organization!

Gesture #2: For outsiders

Big diss!

Create: Take the "Northside!" gesture you just completed and turn your hand so your palm faces the recipient.

Note: Use only with those you intend to insult. The powerful disrespect of the gesture should be utilized only when necessary.

Special Note: Careful kids! Not to be confused with Spiderman's web-spinning gesture. Bend your hand too far back, making your wrist prominent and you've ruined the big diss - making yourself look silly!



Comrade Jono

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