White supremacists aren't as creative as they used to be.

Freedomsite.org, Canada's largest Internet hate site run by Heritage Front supporter Marc Lemire, has stolen images, source code and design from Canadian World Domination!

CWD's visual identity, and in particular, a logo copyrighted by the graphic designers behind Canadian World Domination, now appears on Freedomsite.org as design "created" by the racist organization tied to Doug Collins, Paul Fromm, Ernst Zundel and groups like the Tri-City Skins.

Freedomsite.org bills itself as "Canada's Most Politically Incorrect Web Site" and in a photo on the front page, a cake reads in icing: "Free Speech Is The Issue."

Wow! When you take stuff that's not yours, but pretend that you made it, that's like, free speech? And to think some people believe it's intellectual property theft ...

If Hitler were alive to see these jokers in action he'd probably be embarrassed! Certainly Hitler would have been sneaky enough to order a crony to edit the source code he stole, and to change the filenames of the graphics he snatched.

Developer Marc Lemire writes on his site, in a letter to the Hamilton Spectator, "Over the past 6 months, our site has received in excess of three and a half million hits ... Thats over 700,000 a month ... We are the cutting edge on the Internet for people who are interested in immigration reform and freedom of speech."

The "cutting edge" eh buddy? Folks, why don't you exercise your own right to free speech and send your comments to Freedomsite?


Adolf Hitler, Not Pleased
Adolf Hitler: "Mein Gott! I designed my own uniforms, Ja! You have betrayed yur stupidity und disappointed der Führer. Idioten!"

Check out the screen capture: It's Freedomsite.org -- But it sure looks familiar!

Freedomsite.org screen capture

The following article from the 'Globe and Mail' summarizes the situation:


Jerks Steal From Canada's Sexiest Tyrants

Globe & Mail - Monday, March 5, 2001.
Section: A1 - A4
Byline: Anne W. Onderer

The typically high-energy atmosphere of methodical tyranny found at Canadian World Domination headquarters was interrupted Sunday afternoon when it was discovered that that the internet organization "Freedomsite.org" had plagiarized the visual identity of CWD's web site.

Freedomsite, under the direction of webmaster Marc Lemire, has deliberately appropriated source code, design and images belonging to the online campaign of world infamous Generals Claire and Jenny, without permission or credit to the original creators.

Described by Canadian media as a vehicle for attacking Jews, immigrants and other minorities, Freedomsite is a "white pride" organization supporting the Heritage Front and individuals like Doug Collins and Paul Fromm.

Many people connected with Canadian World Domination reacted with disgust at the news of the plagiarism. "Of all the people who could have ripped us off," complained CWD staff member Phil Fulda, "It has to be white supremacists. It's hard to be flattered by imitation when you have losers for fans."

Top officials at Canada's most successful instrument of tyranny were as outraged as their underlings. "Can't the white man get his own visual identity?" General Claire howled in the spacious luxury foyer of CWD headquarters after learning of the controversy. "They stole our web site like they stole land from the natives!"

When asked for comment, Greg Keelor of Blue Rodeo sang, "GIVE BACK the INDIAN LAND! And the web site, MAN!"

General Jenny's words to reporters were more subdued. "I'm disappointed. Like most Canadians, I always assumed our neo-Nazis were so much more creative than American neo-Nazis. I think we're all a little sadder today."

Bill Montes, General Jenny's personal assistant, agreed with her assessment of Marc Lemire. "As a black man I'm used to seeing whitey pull goofy stunts like this, but I thought that a webmaster who calls his site: Thought Provoking News and Information would have the brain cells to design his own web pages. Doesn't he have an eight year old kid around to show him how to work the Internet?"

"We expected more from the 'master race'," continued General Claire as she raged in front of local and national media. "Master race? They can't even master HTML!"

Marc Lemire and Ernst Zundel

Marc Lemire (back) and the Heritage Front's Ernst Zundel: Two fifths of the white power version of the Village People.

Several followers of CWD wondered how Marc Lemire and fellow white pride activists would react to the knowledge that the design of the Canadian World Domination web site was created by a task force of recent immigrants to Canada.

"I spent weeks working on the site," said Mei Ling, 21, through a translator, "The graphic Untitled-1b_02.gif was my contribution and they just stole it! I hope they haven't seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon yet because I plan to use my mystical Asian skills to fly over there and kick in some of those lazy Nazi asses."


CWD's "Untitled-1b_02.gif"


Freedomsite's "Untitled-1b_02.gif" - Note to would-be thieves, change the filenames of the images you poach!

In addition to the design task force, much of the visual identity of Canadian World Domination was tested and then produced by a coalition of black, Jewish, gay and lesbian CWD staff members.

Brian Mackenzie and lover Todd Anonbrit were the technical wizards behind the red stripey background recently stolen by Freedom Site. "Bri and I argued so much about the size of the stripe," Mr. Anonbrit explained, "I thought it should be thicker to emphasize the power of Canada, but he thought a thinner line embodied the true terror of Canada's ultimate tyranny."

When told that a notorious hate group had copied the CWD web site design for their own use, both designers reacted with anger. "I just want that Marc Lemire loser to know that Todd and I were making out the entire time we created that graphic," Mr. Mackenzie commented.

Computer programmer Dave Felix expressed similar sentiments. "The javascript they stole has my Jewish cooties on it," he added gleefully, provoking laughter from his co-workers.

Self-proclaimed visual minority, "LL Atlantic G", who would only describe his position at CWD as "Commissioner of Funk", suggested the two web sites could resolve their conflict through a peaceable meeting in a social setting. "They could bring their ladies, we'll treat them right. It's like my boy Choclair says, 'Ladies like to bumpity bump bump. Come over to the crib, like to thumpity thump thump.' That's how we play it at home in Peggy's Cove."

Among the general public, reaction has less jovial. An Angus Reid nationwide poll found most people cited feeling a combination of "shock and dismay" at news of the scandal. The act of plagiarism has left many victimized by the experience.

Kirsten Misclare, mother of three, was confused by the similarities between the two very different organizations. "I surfed onto Freedom Site thinking it was Canadian World Domination. I just wanted to show my kids the really funny Signs You Might Be Too Canadian list. Instead we got all this stuff about how immigration is bad and some races are inferior. Now my daughter shrieks in terror at the sight of Master T or Ian Hanomansing!"

Much Music's Master T: He may be black, but he's never ripped off anyone else's web site ...

Nanette Sousa, a dental hygienist, expressed concern that Marc Lemire's piracy would affect the reputations of the radically right-wing organizations under the Freedom Site umbrella. "I'm sure if the Heritage Front and Tri-City Skins knew the source code Freedom Site copied was written by 'untermenchen' they'd probably be embarrassed," Ms. Sousa mused. "One thoughtless neo-Nazi can make all the other ones look bad."

Toronto-area white-pride activist and skinhead 'KnightWolfe33' was surprised to learn his favourite web site had committed copyright violation. "I'm feeling seriously messed right now," he confided to friends in an online chat room. "How did this happen? Aryans are supposed to fucking rule! Did you notice the rollover script doesn't work on all the pages? Maybe they need to get one of those smart Asian kids to fix the site."

Freedomsite and Marc Lemire are not without their own supporters. Spokespersons for Western separatist group, The Alberta Liberation Front, told local media the organization believed the alleged theft was in actuality an elaborate hoax planned by the Liberal government to discredit the country's increasingly disgruntled right-wing contingent.

Cooties code
True Aryans beware: CWD source code contains Jewish cooties.

"This isn't the first time Ottawa has tried to pull the wool over our eyes," ALF chairperson Bud Montag explained from his office in Calgary. "We have pie charts from the Fraser Institute proving through the use of North Shore News and Alberta Report editorials that the Canadian World Domination web site does not now exist and in fact never has."

Fellow Albertan Rupert Bogey, the Heritage Reform Party MLA for West Cablows, further accused "liberal pinko commies" of attempting to tarnish the good name of right-wing Canadian extremists.

"They're patriotic, godfearing citizens," Mr. Bogey said of Freedomsite's staff. "They just hate that you can't walk two feet in Satan's Lair, that's TORONTO, mind you, without seeing a goddamn Gook. How the hell do these people get into the country? I'd have trouble coming up with original work too if there were Pakis and Jews distracting me by taking jobs away from real Canadians. That's what you hacks should be investigating, not this web site misunderstanding."

Back at Canadian World Domination headquarters, many of the Generals' staff shook their heads in disbelief at what was described by General Claire as "an inexplicable act of total retardedness" -- the CWD logo "reinvented" as a 'Freedom Site' logo.

"If I was going to rip off a better web site, I'd at least try to match the font correctly," commented John Martz, senior CWD graphic designer. "Goebbels is rolling in his grave! 3D metal lettering? Are they trying to deny the Holocaust or Unskinny Bop? Shit, that takes me back ..." Mr. Martz refused more comment, leaving the press conference mumbling, "Just blows me away / All night and day / She just loves to play ..."


CWD original logo.

Also OURS!

This logo needs a guitar solo!

Freedom Site's design and logo theft has attracted attention from some of Canada's most high-profile pundits. Celebrities from across the nation converged on CWD headquarters to show support for the organization soon to dominate the globe. "Normally I'm against corporate branding in all forms," said Naomi Klein, author of No Logo, "But if there are two people who deserve to brand the world, it's Generals Claire and Jenny, my favourite culture jammers!"

Sabastian Tubman, press secretary for the Generals, later denied that CWD was a culture jamming organization. "Who told you that? Was it Avi Lewis? Was it Rick Salutin? Was it Naomi? She will be punished for her loose lips!"

Check it out, a March 9th update: Nazi Losers Update!


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