Canada Day in Ottawa: One Large Bounce Towards CWD's Global Reign

Parliament Hill's Majestic "Peace Tower" - July 1, 2000

The sky was clear - So was our agenda!
Canadians from across the country met in Ottawa to plot our loving and gentle tyranny.

Parliament Hill

Comrade Kitty Subdues America's Civil Servant Minions!

Kitty bravely demonstrates Canadian resourcefulness and courage. After disarming the suspicious American embassy officials with cheery banter and polite smiles, Comrade Kitty was able to improve the U.S. government seal with her very presence. Do you have a foreign embassy or consulate where you live? Get over there and inform the staff they will soon have to order stationery with "Government of Canada/ Gouvernement du Canada" on it.

Brave Kitty in front of dangerous Merkkins

Comrade Kitty Utilizes Each and Every Opportunity for Propagandic Exercises

It's always a good time to promote the news of Canadian World Domination! Pavements, billboards, water towers -- all part of the sprawling urban canvas for artistic expression (of a state-approved manner)!

Kitty's scholarly propaganda exercises

Comrade Lance Poses in Shadowy Shadowness

Lance and partner Constable Loon demonstrate stealth techniques to adoring Canada Day crowds. Take notes friends, foreign powers never seem to notice our Canadian operatives. Is it the use of concealing shadows at appropriate moments that is so effective? Is it the trustworthiness of the RCMP uniform that causes inquiring minds to stop all that inconvenient inquiring?

Which one is wooden?

The Littlest Patriot Cheers on the Generals

Children, a long-neglected political demographic, are resoundly in favour of your Generals' plans. "Socialized health care programs," chanted one tiny tot. "And animal crackers for the proletariat!"

Tiny and adorable child approves our tyranny


Comrade Gordon

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