Do you wonder who has submitted to the loving and passionate tyranny of Generals Claire and Jenny? Do you stay awake at nights fearing that the Canadian World Domination web site has not received the laurels it so richly deserves? Would you like to track the progress of CWD-oriented dogma as it winds its way through the world's media outlets? Here are a few of the people and organizations who have wisely abandoned their previous world views in lieu of the correct-thinking as taught by the Generals...

  • Yahoo! - The good people at Yahoo! and affiliate Yahoo!Canada can't seem to get enough of that great CWD stuff. In the October print issue of Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine (pg. 148) we are reviewed in a "Political Humor (sic)" article. Given only 3 and a half stars out of a possible 4, and our merciful oppression described as "fanciful", the editors of Yahoo! Internet Life will be compelled to suffer our wrath come domination. In addition, CWD has been a Yahoo!Canada Pick of the Week and is listed in the Yahoo! directory under Cool Links. They try to suck up to us for they know what lies in wait for them... 

  • Sympatico NetLife Magazine - Canadian World Domination was featured in their July/August print issue (pg. 46) as a "top site". We were given 4 stars out of a possible 5. Because they described us as, "well-designed, with lots of attention paid to detail" we will refrain from officially punishing the Sympatico people for neglecting to grant us the final star. 

  • Molson Canadian Online - We were selected as the I Am Canadian Cool Site of the Week. Our reward was a mousepad. We would have preferred a week's worth of beer. Punishment would have been rapid (and rabid), but General Claire was fond of the mousepad and talked General Jenny out of storming the brewery to teach the Molson people a lesson in how to properly reward tyrants. 

  • Cruel Site Of The Day - Naturally. 

  • The Toronto Sun - Featured in Sandy McMurray's '' column for the week of Canada Day 1998. Of course, the Generals would have preferred to be Sunshine Girls, but what can you do? We will punish Mr. McMurray later. 

  • Netsurfer Digest (Volume 03, Issue 31) - These reviewers are appropriately respectful of the power of Canadian World Domination, and correctly sum up our aims. "What isn't generally known is that behind the passive public face lies a desire to maintain peace by dominating the planet, and dictatorially enforcing the rigorous intellectual, physical, and emotional standards all Canadians live by." So clever these ones, they could be Canadian! 

  • MikroBitti  (Issue 11/98) - Finland's "oldest computer gaming magazine" recommended us to the fine people of Finland, along with the "Fighting Moomin Trolls Game". It's so refreshing to see a nation so willing to capitulate to our Northern-oriented, and entirely glamorous, dominating aims! They will be well-rewarded come the time of our tyranny. 

  • Internet Tonight (Jan. 30 - Feb. 1, 1999) - Direct TV's channel "ZDNET" (the company that owns PC magazine and probably a few Eastern European nations) featured the CWD website during their half-hour program "Internet Tonight". None of our staff has subscribed to Direct TV (being most fond of traditional Canadian television as embodied in the CBC and TVO) and thus nobody here has had a chance to see the feature. If any of you loyal patriots out there saw the program, please let us know what was said. We need to put the Internet Tonight people in either the "compliant" or "dissident" category. 

  • The Calgary Herald (March 12, 1999, D4) - We were featured in the "Graffiti" column, or so the rumour goes ... If anyone has a clipping, do let us know ... We're suspicious of the province that gave us The United Alternative. We're fairly certain we'll eventually have to "deal" with Alberta and teach it the right and true path of Collectivism under CWD.
  • The National Post (April 9, 1999, A10) - In the article "Keyword: Domination", Conrad Black's newest venture describes our clever plans as "designed to fan the flames of underground nationalism - or at least give the funny bone a tickle". Because we were further described as, "slickly produced", and a photo of our re-zoning of America was included beside the article, we will try to swallow our distaste for Mr. Black's right-wing leanings, and will reluctantly refrain from slaughtering his loved ones. 

  • Site Du Jour Of The Day (April 18, 1999) - Reviewed in detail on the daily mailing list. Comments from the article include: "Canadian World Domination might not be far from
    reality ... Those Socialists are dangerous and must be contained." Because this organization obviously has CWD pegged for exactly what it is, we will overlook the horrific redundancy in their name (Site ... of the day ... of the day?).

  • Salon Magazine (May 11, 1999) - Our web site was included in a 'Brilliant Careers' article about the life of (legend, hero, GOD) Farley Mowat. Pleased to be mentioned in the same context as the famous author, the Generals are generously waiving their right to punish Salon for calling CWD, "only mock-belligerent." Salon went on to joke, "As a world threat, Canadian jingoism ranks right up there with Tibetan soccer hooliganism." 

  • Worst of the Web (May 12, 1999) - Featured on a web site designed to showcase the "worst" of the world wide web as seen through the eyes of three semi-cynical cartoon characters. Commented goggle-wearing 'Melvin': "And you thought the Middle East was a threat - ha! There's nothing more dangerous than friendly neighbors." How true that is, Mr. Melvin. How very true ... 

  • Blue's News (May 21, 1999) - Featured link of the day for this popular online gamers' ezine. The result was a series of gamer-boys mailing the Generals to threaten us in "Doom" and "Quake" lingo, as well as invading our online forum and generally having a good time interacting with patrons of this site. Glad to be reaching the reclusive gaming community, kids, but leave those Magic: The Gathering cards at home! 

  • Center (sic) For The Easily Amused  (Month of June, 1999) -  Listed in the CEA column "Dear God, Noooo!" ("sites we can't believe existed!"). Commented links archivist 'Danny', "Our snowy neighbors to the North are more than just hard-core hockey fans and people who spell everything with an extra "u". They're coconspirators in a plan to take over America and then the world!!!" ... Well, duh, kitten ... 

  • Looksmart Radio (June 30, 1999) - General Claire was interviewed by the amiable Mike Walters. The show's theme that week was "Travel on the World Wide Web." Mr. Walters commented, "I hope it's you guys who take us over!" and thus earned himself and his loved ones favourable status come our New World Order. Topics of discussion included the "South Park" movie, hate mail that couldn't be read on the radio, and Canada's future domination of the planet.

  • Newsweek Magazine (July 26th, 1999) - Newsweek's "Periscope" section (as represented by notable sweetie and honourable Canadian behind enemy lines Tom Hayden) contacted some "notable Canucks" for their reaction to the movie "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut". Our reaction? The movie's chillingly realistic battle scenes are incredibly prophetic ... What Canadian didn't shiver with anticipation as the Canuck tanks rolled towards the terrified American troops? And the RCMP officer singing "Uncle Fucker" does a fine job. 

  • Canada AM - The Canadian World Domination web site was mentioned as "amusing" during a discussion of Canadiana on the internet. Valerie Pringle guaranteed herself a black mark in our records when she referred to the mind behind the CWD web site as male. Watch those pronouns, kids, the Generals are decidedly female. 

  • C95 FM Saskatoon (August 9, 1999) - General Claire was interviewed by Dave Scharf of the "Rambling Dave Radio Show". Said Dave of CWD, "It's about time!" Saskatchewan, as the province spurring the co-operative movement and Canadian socialism, has always been close to the Generals' hearts. Tommy Douglas would approve of our collectivist aims!

  • Campus Canada (print magazine) - The site was featured in the Sept/Oct 1999 issue, page 43, under the "Web Waves" section. How nice to be appreciated by university students - our dear friends and potential research and development workers.

  • Calgary Sun (Jan. 9 / 00 ) - In the Sun's "Sunday Magazine" section journalist Michelle Finch featured CWD in an article entitled: "Tuning in to the right words". What a wonderfully descriptive title, fully capturing the nature of our message! Your Generals always appreciate when the media takes notice of the 'absolute correctness' of our political aims.

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