Branching out into new media outlets, Canadian World Domination staff took the opportunity to promote the cause of Canadian tyranny by participating in an Internet audio broadcast. On a few occasions, The Virtual Airline News Flash Weekly Show, as produced by Gary Kulash, held informal interviews with your most loving and generous leader -- General Claire.

Americans by blood, but collaborators by nature, the VANF crew were thusly schooled in the Right and True Path that is Canadian World Domination, and showed much interest in such elements of our caring tyranny as "The Trudeau Compound" penal colony, and "The Horton Bay" man-made reservoir. Although certain unhealthy dissident tendencies surfaced in the plaintive cries of the VANF for mercy from their soon-to-be-oppressive Canadian Generals, the show was sufficiently pro-domination to warrant special treatment for those unfortunates living in the American state of Virginia (Zone VIII). Thanks to the regard of the VANF for their Northern superiors, the carnage visited upon Virginia will be slightly less bloody, and certainly much more compassionate than our usual carnage!

What sweeties! Good luck in future endeavours, VANF!

Care to hear the broadcast for yourself? (In case you're worried, they explain exactly what a virtual airline is too...) General Claire has been on the program a few times, but check out one of the broadcasts at: The VANF Audio Programming (show #48)


Comrade Polkaroo

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