These distinguished individuals are all solid, upstanding members of the Canadian World Domination community and although they have been known to bicker, quarrel and call each other terrible names in the Commons or in the media, they all really do love one another.

Of course, just last Christmas, The Big J called Slick, "a nasty little hick from the prudish West", while our Cuddles lost his Tory-cum-Liberal temper and called Riot Grrrl "a socialist piggie!" Naturally, added to the mix was Captain Woody's persistant "imbecile!"

But besides these little tiffs, our team is devoted to the ideals of The Great Conquest and is busy straightening their priorities and sharpening their carving knives. Fortunately, Canadian World Domination is neither under Federal jurisdiction nor Provincial jurisdiction, but rather, General jurisdiction! Click on the names and take the time to get to know our team...

You may meet them in person yet!

Jean "The Big J" Chretien

Jean "Cuddles" Charest

Lucien "Captain Woody" Bouchard

Preston "Slick" Manning

Alexa "Riot Grrrl" McDonough


Comrade A.Y.

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