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Mail To The Generals:


Oh god! this is priceless! You believe that your pitiful country is better then the U.S.???!!!Wow, I knew that some people were idiots but this just proves it. The fact that you think Canada is superior to every other country is just pathetic.
And that quote, "After all, we fought the Yanks in 1812 and kicked them the hell out of our country -- but not with blanks." is just totally ignorant.
The reasons are:
1) Canadians have to live in the past because that's when their country was almost not gay.
2) Canada wasn't even independent in 1812, it was still a colony, you guys couldn't even fight for your freedom you had it given to you like a couple of morons.
And finally3) There is no way an invasion of the U.S. from Canada would ever succeed considering we have the constitutional right to bear arms and you would be outnumbered 10 to 1. There is just no feasable way that Canada is even remotely good for anything! I mean all they do is export fish and act
like idiots totally convinced of there superiority and self conceited. It's not even funny how much Canada sucks.


bring your canuck butt down south and you'll be going home with your tail between your legs




Cute site, but do you really think that you peace loving bastards could really take down us?  Sure.....I belive that....really.  *LOL*   Keep dreaming.

Member of IBOTTS


I ran over a beaver about 2 weeks ago.  TAKE THAT!!!!!  :P

Member of IBOTTS

 Wayne Morgan


Candace &/or William Reddy

IM from the United States and im offended by your page and that's all I got
to say!

Bobby Burnett

Hey you,who the hell you think you are!!!you bunch of canucks!I know your psycos and you give canadians a bad name!I know that most canadians are peaceful ppl!and if you tryed anything I whould assaisanate the whole lot of you!!!!!!!AMERICA RULES!!!

 John McWilliams


 Jack Dietz

your a fuckin moron

Do you guys realize that the entire world views Canada as the gayest country
in the world? First of all, you guys are socialist. Secondly you can't even
support your own favorite sport.  Look at the facts.  The Winnipeg Jets
became the Phoenix Coyotes.  The Quebec Nordiques became the Colorado
Avanlanche.  Teams like the Edmonton Oilers, the Calgary Flames, and the
Ottowa Senators are in severe economic turmoil.  The only teams not in
jeopardy are from the three largest Canadian cities, the Montreal Canadians,
the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Vancover Canucks.  Must I also point out that
each of these teams are owned by either major corporations (Montreal by
Molson, and Vancover by Orca Entertainment) or multibillionaires (Toronto,
Harry Baldwin).  Before you guys think about ruling the world, try renovating
your own country. America would kick your ass anyway.

You're being awfully bold for a country that's mostly British

 Lee Kenyon

I would just like to say that there other groups out there with there eye on
the world. Let's just say some of us have greater intellects than I suspect
you two have from examining your site. When July 1st rolls around we'll see
what your words are worth.

Ray McClure

- Bring some beer and sign me up for some of that socialist shit - I am
tired of working for a living.
- Tell me, how do you keep your country so clean??? Maybe you can clean up
a little after you take over...
- And how do you keep your blacks so tame? Is it too cold to loot and riot?
Maybe you can civilize ours?
- And forget that silly French language - you better start learning
Spanish, amigo.
Come on, you silly canucks!


Jonah S.

Here's a snippet from my latest hit Broadway musical entitled 'When Canucks Invade'

Our scene opens on the U.S./Canadian border just above northern Minnesota. A champaign-
colo(u)red 1977 Dodge Dart containing nine flannel clad croissant heads has just arrived.

Border Patrol (BP):  "Hey there, where ya guys headed there, eh?"
Canuck Driver:  "We're, eh, going to conquer the world there guy."
BP:  "Step out of the car please, eh."

At this point the flannels pile out of the vehicle and line up next to the border station while border patrol searches the vehicle.

BP:  (Brandishing Microsoft Natural Keyboard angrilly) "What's this then there, eh?"
Long-haired passenger:  "Well, that's the only weapon we know how to use there."
Canuck Driver:  "We don't really have a plan see..."
Long-hair:  "We were gonna start by invading Best Buy and changing their marquee screen savers to say 'Canadian World Domination' there, eh."
Hot french semen sucker:  "No, eh, we're gonna go find Bill Clinton and hit him in the head with a hockey stick there, eh!"

The BP gazes incredulously at the folly of life around him as the Canucks argue amongst themselves.

Some guy there:  "Hey there, hey there, you shut up there."
Canuck driver:  "You can just take off there hoser!"
BP: (interrupts) "Why don't you guys there just get yourselves a case of suds and go watch some hockey, eh?"
Canuck driver: (looks shocked) "I'd have to sell my car to afford that!"

Everyone laughs.


I live in the USA! I'm guessing since you are Canadian and making you inferior to me cause you've been hit in the head to many times with the ol' Hockey puck! Ay! What is your " Cleverly " designed plan? Throw snowballs over the border? Don't forget we have nukes all over in North Dakota all it takes is some realligning and BOOM!!! There goes Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Canada sux!!! USA RULES!!!!

what the fuck are you stupid idiots thinking! do they even have school in
canada? It seems to me that if they do, they're not ike schools here.  I have
butone question for you lsers.
How does our flag look with 51 stars?

im not saying america is the best place ijn the world, but i asm saying that
its the most powewrful.
I couyld kill your whole army with a pen u canadian pussys

Bootsy Collins

Well I do see the humor in your page but it's kind of pathetic to think that
you can't even kick the frogs out of your country
(or at least make them speak English) so you might want to take the
following small steps before you under take your grand

1. Get rid of the "eh" and "owt" in your language...very annoying.

2. Make your prisons "real prisons" and not the freakin country clubs they
are, if it's true that you can tell most about a country
by looking at it's prisons..then you guys are wussies...better take a trip
to Turkey and take notes.

3.Ditch the mounties and the lame red uniforms, break out with a new tougher
style of law enforcement like the L.APD these dudes

4.Time to get rid of the stupid "margarine law" that dictates no yellow
margarine in certain territories, if you guys are so stupid
that you can't tell the difference between butter and margarine how are you
going to know the difference between a cap pistol
and a .45

5.Go out an bomb someone first as this might make a threat of a military
action a little more plausable....maybe bomb Maine and
that would give you some credibility.

6.Ditch you national anthem...get one with explosions and stuff..that Oh
Canada thing sounds to friendly..

NICE DAY EH....can't wait for the new Bob and Doug movie (Canada's best
cultural contribution).


this page is really scary

 Jason Lawson

You damn Canadians got into the liquor cabinet again, didn't you? The only reason you're not already part of the U.S. is just becuase we don't want your gay ass cold country. Your best offensive weapon would probably be Celine Dion's voice. For a country who's national symbol is a stupid ass maple leaf you sure can talk some shit. You know what would happen if you tried to invade America? Wiping out all you hockey playing homos would only take about fifteen minutes. Does Canada even have an air force? You know who you should try to take over? France. The only country more worthless than Canada. You should all jump your Dudley-Do-Right asses on a boat bound for France and see how you do against another shitty ass army before you try taking on the world's strongest one. And take your ugly ass flannel wearing women with you.

USCFTAOC (US Citizens For The Assimilation Of Canada)

Aaron Gross

Once we run outta trees eh.. we are gonna go eh and invade canada eh..
and enslave all it people eh to play hockey eh for our

And just beat down some Canadian ass eh....

Why does beer cost so much up there? eh.. and Why does McDonalds have
pizza and pictures of yo bitch ass queen eh...?

And eh.. What has Canada ever offered the world?  Besides a couple of
good eh hockey players eh...  and ham.. which you renamed canadian
And why can't you spell color?  Colour.. what the hell is that eh?
And why do you have a large red pot leaf eh on your flag eh?
And why do you make a beverage with the world "dry" in it, it seems
pretty wet to me.

    Funk Canada,
            USCFTAOC (US Citizens For The Assimulation Of Canada)

John Zukowski


you have to dedicate a whole web page to try and make you and your crap
excuse for a Country feel big? I'll just revel in the fact that Canada
only exists because We, the United States of America, allow you to.

Be careful, i might drive up there and kick some canuck ass

oh and French Canadians are the worst. they smell.


How do you kill a Canadian??

Slam the toillet seat while he's taking a drink...

Canada=US's Playground

Canada existing without the U.S. as a trading partner, cultural influence,
or military defender.  Now that is damn funny.  Oh yeah, I forgot Canadians
are "kindly and peace loving" just as the bellicose comments on your web
page so elegantly demonstrate.  Every time I visit Canada (for the fishing
of course, why else go there?) my biggest problem is that I just can't get
away from the obnoxious Canadian attitudes quickly enough.  So, did you
*ever* attend school or is your ignorance a testament to the effectiveness
of Canadian public education?

Think about the reality of Canada without the U.S.  You'd be a third world
nation practically overnight.  "Oh Canada" you suck.

Daniel McDougall

You are the biggest piece of shit on the Earth and Canada fucking
sucks!!!!!!  You're all a bunch of farming hicks who don't know what the
hell the word domination means!!!!!!  Because the USA dominates Canada
forever!!!!!  And if you want to be part of world domination then move
to America, well we don't want Canadain fags with no penis!!!!  Because
you just want to suck American dick!!!!!!


 Wierdos.  Go punch yourselves in the nuts.

Fearless Generals,

Nice webpage, NOT.  Have you woke up from your silly little dream yet?
Be careful us Merfolk of future Horton Bay might not bow so easily.


Proud American


Your foolish web page has shown the world what can happen to a country
in which hundreds of thousands of its citizens-maybe even millions- are
struck in the head every winter by flying hockeypucks. Those who
invented this web-screed may have been struck more than once in the head
this year! Even so, I would be willing to surrender to Canadian World
Domination in exchange for a good supply of Molson's Golden!


Brian Leavitt

I always enjoy satire, let me share some of mine. Your group, and Canadians in general seems to suffer from the same problem that France and England share, probably because of their your undying links.  This glaring short-fall is the lack of realization that, if it weren't for America, you'd all be goose-stepping German speaking Nazis. You can bash our commercialization and industrialization all you want, it doesn't change the fact that we continually come to the rescue for the rest of the world, both militarily and financially.  Continue your plans, turn against your brothers first.  I'm sure France surrendered with your first press release and England is a shell of the empire it once was, so they should be easy to conquer.  But, based on history, some country will inevitably beg us to help or you will foolishly attack the US, in which case it's all over.

Whatever the outcome I enjoyed your site!

Thanks for the laughs,

Brian Leavitt

Yeah, right. You bozos don't scare me. Not even close unless you get
Red Green and the entire Possum Lodge on board. Then I'd be SCARED.
'Course, you'd be in as much trouble as the rest of us with that crowd
to deal with.

YOU CANNOT WIN ANYWAY - The USA will never let you gain control of
DUCT TAPE manufacturing!

James Righetti

 What the hell is a Canadian? Can you eat them?


Adam 'Starblazer' Romberg

do you have a life?

ph33r kanadians -31337 ad kampain.
ph33r un|+3d 5+4+35 hax0rs!

ha ha we hak ur kountry. :)

Janet Martinez (1)

o come on what kind of a joke is this u mother fucking dumb shit homo canadianseven if u tried the U.S. would kick your ASS and so would every 1 else.


Janet Martinez (2)

o come on u homo mother fuckers your no mach for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

ps        rote in hell dumb fucks cause we'll nuke your ass

Duane Eikleberry

 man, you suck.  canada isn't anything but a bunch of drunks and trees.
you should change your goddamn slogan to "Canada-- Where the men are
men, and the goats are nervous." i dont even think canadia has a nuke
goddammit.  we'd kick your ass anyday bitch. ~holmes

How can you possibly take over the world,none the less America,when you don't even have the sense to post any pictures of naked Canadian Babes with their nipples hardening from the cold?????? Must we think of everything for you????????
 no wonder your technology is so sadly lagging...pornography and weaponry have driven technology since pre-historic times....
Get some guns and get some tits and ass...then you'll have a chance.....

Just a guy in California

Amiel VanKemseke

While i consider myself American only in the legal and official sense,
there is one thing i am patriotic to.  Entertainment!  Canada may be
good in the aspect of wisdom, peace, and other things related to good,
but your movies and such really suck!  It may be the only thing America
has going for it, but movies and television programs are superior in
almost every way.  Maybe thats why there are so many stupid and
willingly ignorant simpletons here...


I only have one comment to make about Canada EVER trying to take over
the US...HA HA HA HA HA HA HA  bring it on!

Robert Weidner

how do you indend to take over the world, when so many people hate you in the global comunity. you can invede the usa, but when you do you will not only be taking on the best army, but also a lot of very mad civilians with the right to hold guns in theirs house. no why would you sacrafice your wimpie army for a lost cause? now for my second question, why, you are already one of the biggest countries on the planet, why would you want to make it any bigger? Oh sure you economy is not as good as you soon to be american overloards country, but I think that you should calm down a bit and just except the fact that you forces are not even prepared for the horrers of war, why sacrafice you r army, it may talk big, but when it gets out on to the battel field, I think that event the wimpiest of nations(excuding you) will be able to defeet you in less then one hour. so why sacrafice your men for a dumb, and not to mention lost cause?

  robert, a loyal american kid with 107 iq


Dear Canadian Peoples,



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Comrade Christine

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