Once Canada's blessed dominion is secured, several improvements to the planet will be immediately put into place by our Byzantine bureaucracy:


Canadian National Railroad Poster

The CNR: A Dream Realized!

Our first priority is the extension of the Canadian National Railroad to its natural borders - From Halifax to Tibet to South Africa (and all the cozy little countries in between).

It is through the miracle of the railroad that your Generals plan to bring Canadian civilization to even the darkest, most uncharted reaches of the globe. We anticipate great interest in the many employment opportunities of this extended CNR, and invite all citizens with experience in smelting, spiking and back-breaking labour to volunteer for these appreciated services to the nation.

Popular daily runs will include:

7:00am --- Calgary to Sri Lanka
7:30am --- Toronto to Ottawa
7:35am --- Vancouver to Lithuania
7:45am --- Kitchener to Hamilton

Please note: For the comfort of your comrades, smoking is not permitted on CN railway cars. Spitoons are provided at the front and rear for those chewing tobacco.


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Comrade Todd

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