We here at CWD Headquarters are constantly awash in waves of thrilling ecstasy when we read supportive and kindly communiqués from fellow patriots in the field. We are delighted to discover that so many of our loyal followers are eager to further our Cause by assisting wherever and whenever they are able!

Are you looking for a way to participate in the glories of Canadian World Domination? Do you want to honour Generals Claire and Jenny but you don't have the sculpting skills to create a triumphal arch or ceremonial statue? Put that tiny little proletariat brain to work and help our Office of Propaganda create ...

 Canadian World Domination: The Slogan!

Send in your entries and we'll post them for the world to use on home-made propaganda signs, in classrooms, or in the electronic barcode identifiers at your local grocery store. If you really, really love the idea of Canadian World Domination, we recommend you carve your favourite slogan into your arm! The messier the cut, the more noticeable the scar, sweeties!

There will be no winners and participants will receive nothing but the feeling of happy goodness that automatically follows from doing a deed of usefulness to The Cause. Should you be a non-Canadian, your slogan entry and subsequent "collaborator" listing in our files will help you and your loved ones survive our oncoming carnage in the years ahead.

Example slogans:

  • "YES! We'll come at them from the oceans and the rivers and the mountains and of course the prairies . . . We'll rev up the combines and harvest them to death! Canadians unite to rule the world!" -- credo of loyal patriot Dewey
  • "We'll reach Heaven, even if we have to climb a mountain of Dead." -- Brian Patten

Here's an encouraging credo from a Capitalist Pig-Dog:

  • "I would rather live in a Canadian world free of idiots than an American world run by them." --Genuine American Andy

What have other patriots been saying?
Why not focus your brain cells on the following ...

"First we fill your streets with blood....
Then we fill your streets with beer!"

-- Stepan Chwaluk


Canada: Yours and Mine!

(I see this printed over a stylized maple leaf.)

-- Winnifred Louis [who maintains an excellent Chow Yun Fat site btw - C&J]

"For all those little starving children in Chicago..."

-- K. Mordarski

"If we need to we'll send in our greatest weapon, the destroyer! A BFI bin
flipped upside down and carried by many bums and we'll kill our enemies
with the horrendous stench! What a glorious day that will be! And then,
we'll smite them down like a vengeful god with our pitchforks! And then
celebrate by going home, drinking beer and watching hockey!"

-- Aiden Hunkin

"Canada - Where else will your beer stay cold after Y2K?"

-- Nick Bent

"Canadian World Domination : It won't be the first time we've burned their capital!"

-- Ericman

"If you're not Canadian, try harder."

-- Ron Clement

"Manifest Destiny? We're the ones with more land. Shouldn't you be giving us your country?"

-- Silver Tiger

"Burn Canadian bacon burn!"

--  Hit-Man


-- Ann Larimer

Good luck slogan writing and great big maple syrupy puddles of fun to you all!



Comrade Laura

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