Yes - we've left! No more pop-up windows, sneaky floating images, or polite reminders of the value of a "Geocities guide" at the top of your page. Canadian World Domination pages are no longer affiliated with Geocities.

Finally, everyone can stop complaining about the fucking pop-up windows. Alright - are you happy? The pop-up windows are gone. They no longer plague you. That's right, they're gone. You may be staring suspiciously at the screen - expecting to have to click one away, but FEAR NOT, they are gone for good.

Now you can get back to complaining about how we don't have an 'O' Canada' MIDI on the index page...

Buddy Doesn't Like Our Anti-Geocitism!

Here's a note our staff received recently:

Claire and Jenny,

I was mildly interested in the concept of your web site until I was distracted by your ranting about how awful Geocities was/is. Excuse me, but last time I heard, Geocities provided FREE web sites. So do lots of other places. If you've got something worth my bandwidth to say, then say it, but don't waste my time complaining about a FREE service that you still weren't happy with. If you couldn't pursue any of the several options at Geocities to be free of pop-ups, than I have decided that you're too lazy and or too stupid for me to be listening to.

Content and grateful Geo Plus member (no stigma here),

Rick Dikeman

That's Right! The Generals Did Reply, And Much Wrath Was Spewed
(In A Kind And Loving Fashion)

Hi sweetie!

We were only mildly interested in reading your email until you started to get all schmaltzy over Geocities - at this point, the lilt of your prose and the charming nature of your communiqué had sucked us in and we were completely fascinated.

Regarding your obvious affection for Geocities, we were disappointed to find that you did not go all the way and refer to us as "dumb fucking losers" instead of "stupid" which is relatively tame compared to your passion for The Big G!

Although we do not wish to have a different opinion than an honourable GeoPlus member (we are into conformity and collectivism, naturally) we fear you might be misinformed about the true character of the "Geocities Community". We *could* call you 'too lazy and/or too stupid' to learn about your own web host - but that would be really rude.

Puddin', if we were going to PAY to host our web page we'd sure as Hell find a host that has reliable service and *doesn't* require a link to Big Brother Geocities on every page...
So, our relationship with the Geocities machine soured, we left. And happily. After talking to other Geocities refugees we discovered that we had it easy!

Geocities is in the habit of haphazardly censoring member pages for the most spurious of reasons. (These can range from everything from mistaken identity [oh, this page about tropical birds *doesn't* have any naked girls on it? Sorry, it's been censored anyway, we had a complaint] to concerns about Geocities services. That's right...a veteran Geocities member who writes "I don't really like the new Geocities watermark" can find his page automatically suspended....simple opinions aren't allowed in the happy-happy world of the Geocities cyber reich).

Well then - "leave Geocities" you say - Okay! Let's try that....Uh oh...

To blacken the Geocities name even further - the Geocities Machine actively pursues the destruction of sites that criticize the company - even if they are hosted by non-Geocities servers! Threatening legal action, Geocities screams at web hosts and ISPs until they take the offending page down (or take a stand against the nonsense). This is *well-documented*, as Geocities has tried to censor everything from parodies, to anti-Geocities rants, to unflattering Geocities articles in e-zines.

Remember: none of this stuff is even ON the Geocities server and much of it is legitimate criticism of a corporate entity that behaves as though it should control every thought concerning the "Geocities Community".

That is pretty uncool.

(We're talking Scientologist-calibre litigious paranoia here)

We're the only Tyrants of the New World Order! Down with Geocities!

So - that's why we were not happy with this "FREE service".

Don't believe our word? Check out these sites:

(Please read this one carefully - it has a lot of info about the unsightly practices of the Geocities

(a very funny, spot-on parody)

(including the "why we can't admit we fucked up page")

Please read actually visit the sites above before you flame us back - the Generals find it difficult to carry on an argument with people who are so obviously in the wrong when they are so obviously (and magnificently) in the right. that smell of righteous indignation!

Okay honey, go now and be at peace.

Love and hugs!

-General Claire

Here's A Bit of Interactivity, Don't Ever Say CWD Isn't 'With It':

Do we have any broken links? Are any of our images missing? Do we have a spelling error? Do you disagree with our position on international economic development? As we encourage free expression of a Canadian World Domination-related manner, we ask that you TELL US all about our web page foibles so we can get right to punishing the techno-drone responsible for the mistake...

And because your Generals care deeply about you all and only want to see you happy, here's handy links to curling and some porn.


Comrade Nickel

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