General Claire

General Claire is the founder of what state-approved scholars term "modern Realpolitik" or "Happy Think". She brings a loving and caring aesthetic to totalitarian government. Understanding the need for the world's non-Canuck portion to become civilized through Canadian missionary/military work, General Claire is passionate about bringing the joys of Canadian rule to the uninitiated. General Claire is usually the spokestyrant for CWD as she is more comfortable with the adoring public than her counterpart.

General Claire enjoys cooking, watching television, and falconry.

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General Jenny

General Jenny values her privacy, prefering to lurk in the shadows effecting change from behind the scenes. She is secretive about her past, but a long string of heartbroken lovers betrays her talent in cruelly deconstructing the male psyche. General Jenny can often be glimpsed on field missions camoflagued as a low-ranking officer. She is famous for brightening the day of CWD staffers when she reveals her true identity during surprise inspection tours. General Jenny does not like kittens or scented candles. Gift baskets including either of these items will be summarily destroyed by the CWD network of loyal and exacting civil servants.

General Jenny enjoys long walks on the beach, MP3s, and thumbscrews.

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Comrade Muffy

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