A treat from your Generals!

Here's an index of all our CWD celebrity public service announcements. You can find these on the bottom of each page on the web site. The honour of inclusion in this exclusive list is beyond imagination! If you are a Canadian celebrity who is not featured in this illustrious group, ask yourself: "What can I, a Canadian celebrity, do to please my Generals? How can I model my life to mirror the kind and loving aims of Canadian World Domination?"

Is your favourite Canuck listed below?

Astar - WarAmps Spokesrobot
Margaret Atwood - Author, "The Blind Assassin"
Dan Aykroyd - Ray Stantz of The Ghostbusters
James Barber - "The Urban Peasant"
Guardian Bob - Mainframe Entertainment's "ReBoot"
Dr. Roberta Bondar - Astronaut
Bonhomme - Quebec City mascot
Comrades Dressup, Casey and Finnegan
Comrade Wayne Campbell
Buddy Cole - Scott Thompson's "Kids" creation
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Musician
Pierre Berton - Author, "Klondike"
Kid from Le Chandail De Hockey - Book by Roch Carrier
Don Cherry - Host, "Hockey Night in Canada"
Leonard Cohen - Musician
William B. Davis - 'Cancer Man', "The X-Files"
Gord Downie - The Tragically Hip
Atom Egoyan - Director, "The Sweet Hereafter"
Terry Fox - Founder, Terry Fox Run
Andre-Phillipe Gagnon - Comedian
The Friendly Giant & Rusty - "The Friendly Giant"
Tim Hortons House of Worship
Comrade Wilfrid Laurier
Dr. Grant Roberts - Danger Bay's marine biologist
Wayne Gretzky - The Great One
The Littlest Hobo - Canadian icon
Imax 3D Space Camera - Canuck tech marvel
A. Y. Jackson - Painter, The Group of Seven
JoJo - Psychic entrepreneur
Karen Kain - Prima Ballerina
Maestro (Fresh Wes) - Musician
Christine Magee - Star, "SleepCountry Canada" ads
Peter Mansbridge - Journalist, CBC
Nellie McClung - Suffragette
John A. McDonald - Former Prime Minister
Comrade Mary Pickford
Hockey Night in Canada
Todd McFarlane - Creator of "Spawn"
Sarah McLachlan - Musician
Louis de Montcalm - French General
Farley Mowat - Author, "Never Cry Wolf"
Muffy the Mouse - Star, "Today's Special"
The Big Nickel - Sudbury landmark
Ogopogo - British Columbia's lake monster
Gordon Pinsent - Actor
Polkaroo - "Polkaroo? Polkaroo!"
Ralph Raccoon - Cyril Sneer's nemesis
Rex Murphy - Journalist, CBC
Mordecai Richler - Author, "Barney's Version"
Vimy Ridge War Memorial
Comrade Graham Greene
Laura Secord - War hero, chocolates spokeschick
Sam Steele - Legendary Mountie of the Northwest
Steve Anthony - Ex Much Music VJ
Lance Storm - WCW Wrestler
Elvis Stojko - Figure skater, Olympic medalist
Dr. David Suzuki - Environmentalist

Jonathan Torrens - "Jonovision"
Wolverine - Member of the "X-Men"
Brian Williams - CBC Olympics Host
Jan Wong - Journalist, The Globe and Mail
Wop May - Aviator
Elwy Yost - "Saturday Night at the Movies"

Comrade Nick Knight


Comrade Wes

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